Monday, 20 June 2016

CECS and the City

Emily Presents

CECS and the City
Starring Francesca Maclean, Bri Wade and me!

Three girls, seven days and one city that never sleeps. This March, Francesca, Briana and I were lucky enough to jet off to New York City for the Womensphere Emerging Leaders Summit. This is the first of hopefully many years of CECS in the City! As the team blogger, I guess I was the Carrie Bradshaw of the group. Francesca was definitely Samantha Jones. She’s in her mid-twenties…that’s old, right? And then Briana was a mix of Miranda Hobbes and Charlotte York. She has Miranda’s ambition, Charlotte’s optimism, and both of their smarts. Together we made a pretty killer team of women out to represent CECS.

Each day of the conference covered a different theme in a different part of the city. We talked about the fourth industrial revolution, the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and social entrepreneurialism We heard from people from all walks of life, doctors, senators, lords, teachers, and global leaders. My “episodes” don’t do it justice, but they will hopefully provide you with a glimpse into the world we got to be a part of for three days.

Episode 1: Mentor me.
Episode 2: SDG number five (coming soon).
Episode 3: Acronyms and lists (coming soon).
Episode 4: Entrepreneurship (coming soon).

There are more episodes coming all the time. After all, I’ve got 6 seasons of Sex and the City to catch up to!

Happy reading.


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