Thursday, 2 April 2015

Choosing a Project

Do a project on anything. Literally anything! Just make sure you apply what you've learnt. Oh and it's worth 40% of your grade. Good luck!
- ANU Lecturer

It may not be exactly what my Systems Engineering Lecturer said, but it's a pretty great summary of how it sounded. My first response went something along the lines of: "OMG how can I possibly choose something when my options are everything in the world!?" 

It completely changed the way I looked at everything for a week. I walked around finding all the things that could be improved, processes in my life that were inefficient and technologies that didn't suit their purpose. My friend and I got as far as creating a logical flow diagram describing the process by which my dog Frank could successfully eat his dinner (my other dog always steals it). By the end of the week, I was extremely dissatisfied with the quality of everything in my life, but I had a project idea! (No, it wasn't designing a more efficient dinner process for Frank). 

I've worked in a medical practice for 3 years, and for anyone that has experience in the profession, you'll know that the connections between medical providers and services around Australia is a complex web of incompatible processes, competing interests and outdated systems. You could pick just about any process or system used in patient care and it would make an awesome assignment because there's such a need for new streamlined systems. I'm going to be looking at referral methods for GPs to specialists over the next few months and assessing their suitability in Australia.

To be able to work on a project that's relevant to your job or your personal life is really exciting. After I selected my topic, I was really disappointed that I wouldn't then be able to investigate all these other things around me that seemed to be falling apart!

Here's a photo of Frank having his dinner stolen by my other dog, Mini. Just in case someone else would like to do a project on preventing that. Thanks!


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